John Kascht

Designer of the Decade

Start-to-finish: sculpting Apple designer Jony Ive for the annual "Innovation by Design" issue of Fast Company. Film commissioned for the magazine's tablet edition.




In the 30-minute Smithsonian film Funny Bones: Anatomy of a Celebrity Caricature, John Kascht draws Conan O'Brien from photos and from life, rendering him in pencil, ink, clay, and watercolor. Also in cheesecurls, vegetables and breastpocket hankies.




Rudy Giuliani

From a series of "drawing board essays" for The Washington Post.

"Kascht makes a good case for LOOKING as a means of gathering reliable informatio, about our public figures. With his impeccable eye, deft hand and wry commentary, caricaturist Kascht delineates the White House aspirants in a way that feels more factual than exaggerated. In the process, another portrait takes shape: of the sincere artistic striving at the heart of his funny business."




Drawing Miss Hepburn

John recounts a surreal and poignant weekend sketching Katharine Hepburn at her home in
New York a few months before the aged actress retreated entirely from the public eye.

A New York Times/Discovery Channel short by Stephanie Schwam and Academy Award winning director Roger Ross Williams.








The Colbert Report

Segment from the show...
Stephen Colbert and gallery
director Marc Pachter
discuss John's caricature
of Larry King
during Colbert's
visit to the National Portrait
Gallery. (3:15)


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